MAV ABbmot 609

Motor vehicles ABmot / BBmt were produced in the years 1955-59 in the number of 20 + 20pcs in the factory Ganz in Hungary. They are powerred  by a 330kW Ganz engine with a mechanical gearbox that has been mounted in a 3-axle chassis for weight distribution. They were operated in passenger and express trains on Hungarian railways.

The model requires high-quality track condition and adherence to the prescribed minimum bend radius for 3 axle bogies.

Epoch III.
Lenght 284 mm
Weight 350 g
Min. radius arch 420 mm
Lighting white, red, interior
Digital plux22
Sound ready
Count driving axles 3
Count banding axles 0
Coupling NEM standard coupling

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Model is equipped with improved trucks including ball bearings for smooth run with low current consumption. 

Not suitable for children under 14 years.