ČSD E669 2025

Electric locomotive  type   E669.2  in leivery of 90th year epoche CSD  was produced at  Škoda Plzeň factory  as  freigth loco for heavy trains at 1961-71 in three simmilar types. Around 360pcs was produced and was used as base type for developmnet of Chs2 export type to  USSR.      In  90-th years  quantity of locos was reduced and after year 2000  part of the locos was sold to private operatory  in Polish.   Some locos are still used by  ČD cargo operator in Czech.

  Model has all driven axels and big weight about 600g. Accessories are included.

Lenght 212 mm
Weight 610 g
Min. radius arch 380 mm
Lighting white/red, interior
Digital no, connector Plux22
Sound no
Count driving axles 6
Count banding axles 0
Coupling NEM standard coupling

Soubory ke stažení navodEN_HO182_V1.pdf

Model is equipped with improved trucks including ball bearings for smooth run with low current consumption. 

Not suitable for children under 14 years.