ČD 812 613

The 812.612 series motor unit is a prototype in the operation of the Czech Railways, which was created by rebuilding the 810 motor car. The only piece produced is known as the "Esmeralda". The experiences from the reconstruction were used in the serial conversion of the 810 series cars to the 814 series. The 812 motor car was tested on a routes  in the Czech Republic, with the connection of up to 3 passenger cars.

Model has driven both axis  with one axis  alloved inclination to improve current pickup.  and Plux22 interface. Accessories included.


Lenght 166 mm
Weight 330 g
Min. radius arch 360 mm
Lighting white, red, interior
Digital plux22
Sound ready
Count driving axles 2
Count banding axles 0
Coupling coupler NEM

Soubory ke stažení

Model is equipped with improved trucks including ball bearings for smooth run with low current consumption. 

Not suitable for children under 14 years.